Cross Challenge.

Type of Project Sport Event, a Trail running race with obstacles.

Audience 800 runners and 200 attendees.

Create and develop an entire concept of race with obstacles. Cross Challenge is a whole concept, with its own brand, from the logo to the name, totally owned by SAT México.
The event targets families, sports people and also beginners, crossfiters and gym addicted in order to discover unique venues all around Mexico City.

In the small town of Santa Ana Jilotzingo, within a amazing and ancestral forest nearby Mexico, in the middle of landscapes surrounded by beautiful mountains, canyons and rivers.


Compete with major companies organizing events
Set up innovative and unique obstacles
Manage a community of runners
Generate brand loyalty
Find places to organize outside events
Create a village with its atmosphere
Involve sponsors


We studied all the competition from all over the world to deliver innovative obstacles such as the ALPHA for example, the biggest in Mexico!

The concept use the Wolf as icon, promoting the teamspirit through the idea of Wolfpack.

We communicated on  the social nature of this animal inviting people to run and travel with their teams to participate and enjoy the event!

As a sport community, we offered each month a free Training Camp with our sponsors in order to promote and explain directly to our clients the upcoming event.

Why SAT Mexico
We were capable to creat a concept from Cero, we hade create a Sport Event Brand in Mexico.


  • “Amazing race, congratalution to the coordinators!”
  • “Dear coordinators, what a nice experience that you have developed: the trail, the organization, the obstacles, punctuality, volunteers… please follow with the same passion!”
  • “Thanks Cross Challenge!!! What a great race, I really felt the wolf instinct, already waiting for the next!”