Mercedes Benz Annual Post Sales Convention

Audience: 250 Distributors of cars and car parts of Mercedes-Benz

Brief: Annual convention of Mercedes-Benz in different destinations of Mexico. This time the event was organized in Guadalajara because of its accessibility. During this convention, various important themes are covered such as sales strategy, financing, promotional products, car parts, etc.

Venue: Hotel Camino Real Guadalajara


Creation of an internet page for online registration of participants.

The correct online registration of all participants

Expo with 30 exhibitors presenting a new and innovating montage

The use of special equipment to deliver better quality in the messages of exhibitors


To manage the online registration process

The planning of accommodation and meals for all participants.

Planning and logistics of an activity and special dinner in Mundo Cuervo.

To support and supervise the organization of an expo inside the hotel, with an innovative montage for suppliers to present their products

To help in the logistics of the sessions and activities, as well as during lunches and dinners organized during the event.

Provide excellent service to all participants, to help them with any questions and to assist them with any particular need during the event.

Why SAT Mexico?

SAT Mexico has worked with various German companies over the past 20 years. Our experience and knowledge of this particular market makes us an excellent partner for this type of clients. Besides, we have worked more than 15 years with Daimler Group, the mother brand of Mercedes-Benz. This lasting relationship has generated trust in the quality of our services and the skills of our staff.