MERCEDES BENZ – Product Forum for Vans

TYPE OF THE PROJECT: Annual Convention

AUDIENCE: Distributors of commercial vans of Mercedes-Benz from all around Mexico.

BRIEF: Annual convention for distributors of commercial vans of Mercedes-Benz (Sprinter vans for passengers, Sprinter vans for cargo,

Viano, and Vito), organized to set goals and discuss costs, financing, and sales strategies. Also suppliers were invited, such as companies that deliver safety belts, seats, air-conditioning, etc.

THE CLIENT: Mercedes-Benz Mexico

VENUE: Hotel Marriott Casa Magna – Puerto Vallarta


• To have all high-level distributors from Mexico registered for this event that was not organized for more than 5 years, and to

impress the participants with excellent, innovating services.

• To exhibit new products of the brand within the venue (one Viano van and one Sprinter van).


SAT Mexico has worked with various German companies over the past 20 years. Our experience and knowledge of this particular market makes

us an excellent partner for this type of clients. Besides, we have successfully worked for over 15 years with Daimler Group, the mother brand of

Mercedes-Benz. This lasting relationship has generated trust in the quality of our services and the skills of our staff.