19 Apr 2018

Bohemian Incentive Program in Mexico

This incentive program is designed for a new Target. Is an exposure of Mexico as never planed before with local interaction, focus on Gastronomy and driven on Experiences. Mexico is so much more than just a beach holiday destination and a big convention center!

The Concept
In order to cater to the millennial generation, a round trip through Yucatan
that brings not only a product to the clients but a diverse variety of authentic experiences to
address the client’s emotions by engaging them in the program. This Incentive trip offers more than just a
typical sun and beach program, we are going to dive into the culture, history, and nature of the
impressive region. The properties used to accommodate the group in the stops of the round trip
are beyond the trendiest we have to offer. When it comes to dining, we distance ourselves from
all-inclusive buffets, instead, we offer traditional and local Mexican food, crafted drinks offered at
diverse markets.
Through an interactive program during our roundtrip, we plan to stimulate, educate and inspire
the young generation and create memories.