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Are you considering a company retreat in Mexico?

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Suppose you are considering a company retreat in Mexico. In that case, team retreats are great for your team to take time out of the daily business’s hustle and bustle. A company retreat is also an excellent way for your employees to connect on a personal level.

In this article, we will give you some reasons why you should choose team-building retreats in Mexico over other options.

About Mexican Culture

Mexico is a country that has retained its native culture.

The country has Aztec and Mayan influences. Which can be seen in its language, art, and customs. This calm, friendly culture is perfect for a team-building retreat. It is also perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. However, many indigenous languages are spoken due to the country’s multiculturalism. These languages are not only expressed in Mexico but are also spoken in many other countries. For business, you will get around in English.

Mexican Food

Mexican food is quickly becoming a favorite. It is tasty, healthy, and also very affordable. Mexican cuisine is tailored to suit each unique taste. Every region in Mexico has its own specialties. For the foodies out there, there is the chocolate Mexican cuisine that should be noticed.

On the other hand, Mexico’s Traditional Cuisine was inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for being a fundamental factor of cultural identity, social cohesion, and a factor of community development in the country.

Miles of Beaches

Mexico has plenty of beaches. The beaches are very different from each other depending on where you go. Distances are short, so you get to spend a lot of time on the beach.

Some of the world’s best beaches can be found in Mexico.

Suppose you are looking for white sand, warm water, and coconut trees. In that case, Tulum, Cancun, and Cozumel beaches will satisfy. Suppose you are looking for something a little more adventurous. In that case, you will find that the beaches in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and San Jose del Cabo are perfect for surfing, rafting, and snorkeling.


Cancun is home to some of the world’s best beaches.

The area is popular with backpackers and holiday travelers because of its laid-back vibe. Coconut trees surround the beaches. The weather is warm and sunny all year round. There are many resorts and lodges located close to the beaches.

Cancun area is home to top-class restaurants, bars, and clubs. There is a wide selection of activities to do in the area. You can spend time on sandy beaches and swim in the ocean. You can also spend your day snorkeling or diving in the sea.

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The Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya encompasses 120 kilometers of the Mexican Caribbean coastline, extending from Puerto Morelos north to Tulum south, with Playa del Carmen in between. These three destinations have made the region one of the most popular vacation spots in all of Mexico, offering different accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. From all-inclusive and boutique hotels to glamping options, which allow you to be in full contact with nature since they are located a bit far from the center of the cities.

The region is rich in archaeological sites.

As it is home to the Mayan cities of Tulum, Cobá, and Muyil, some of the most important in ancient times and nowadays one of the most visited in all of Mexico. In addition, the Riviera Maya has more than 2,500 cenotes, which according to the Mayas, were the entrance to the underworld. If you want to enjoy the water, the Riviera Maya has different natural scenarios where you can perform all kinds of water activities.

Los Cabos

Renowned for its natural beauty, Los Cabos is a world-class destination for a company retreat in Mexico. It has a beautiful desert and tropical landscapes. It offers luxury hotels, award-winning beaches, year-round good weather, and internationally renowned cuisine with Michelin-starred chefs. Home to the iconic Arco, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

It’s a destination where everyone will find something fun to do: sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, relaxing in luxurious spas and resorts, or dancing until dawn. Wherever you go in Los Cabos, you’ll always find what you need to take your mind off everyday life.

Hotels with character

Of course, there are many important international Hotel chains that you can consider, but let’s focus on what you will only find in Mexico.

Some of them are:

Hotel Rodavento, Valle de Bravo

In a single place, companies will be able to meet their needs for lodging, food, meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, coffee services, transportation, and events. In addition, this place offers an “outdoor team building” circuit where participants can reinforce notions of teamwork, integration, leadership, conflict management, and effective communication through adventure activities. Coaching services are also available.

Integration trips, planning meetings, offsites, launches, press conferences, locations, and showrooms are just some of the events that can be solved at Rodavento.

Xinalani Hotel, Puerto Vallarta

Xinalani is an exclusive boutique hotel, wellness and retreat center for a company retreat in Mexico located on a beautiful hidden beach in the south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Access is by boat only. It has 33 spacious casitas and eco-chic rooms, nutritious Mexican food with vegan and vegetarian options, as well as outdoor activities such as surfing, yoga, and eco-tours that can be done on retreats. This is an excellent option for personal wellness for employees.

Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Mascota

It is a place with comfortable cabins that are ideal for enjoying a wellness retreat. You will live a holistic and revitalizing experience. You will be invited to join daily guided meditations -imagine yourself on the shores of the lake-, yoga classes, and nutrition workshops, as well as to participate in additional activities such as hiking in the mountains or paddle boarding on the lake.

Venues in Mexico

All locations in Mexico have special international-class venues for corporate events such as congresses, conventions, and retreats. Some of them are:

Mexico City

  • Expo Santa Fe
  • Centro Banamex
  • Expo Reforma
  • World Trade Center


  • Expo Guadalajara


Ciudad del Carmen

  • Convention Center XXI

Los Cabos

  • ICC Los Cabos

Puerto Vallarta

  • Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center

Suppose you are looking for a smaller, more relaxed venue. In that case, many hotels in Mexico have adequate facilities for every type of event, retreat, congress, or convention. Many of the retreats are in places such as beaches, and many hotels offer spaces to suit your budget.

Team building activities

Retreat activities allow an organization’s team members to recreate and learn. Depending on the activities, your team can benefit from improved teamwork and collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Choosing the right activities for your group can help you focus on the areas most important to your company’s success. Some of these activities are: 

1. Create a corporate trivia quiz

Corporate trivia is a set of questions about team members and the company. It is a fun way for team members to learn more about each other and the company. The questions cover general knowledge, such as past events, sales goals, future milestones, marketing plans, and products.

2. Create a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic team retreat activity that can take place in a variety of locations. They can last a few hours or all day. Scavenger hunts inspire communication, collaboration, and leadership. Many people can participate in scavenger hunts, making them popular with larger groups.

3. Incorporate the positive side

You can incorporate the positive aspects if your retreat responds to a crisis or a negative event. This activity involves team members identifying the positive aspects of negative cases to help improve their morale and change their perspectives. People often work in pairs or groups to interact on a personal level.

4. Go for a walk

Hiking is a common retreat idea, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. You can hike indoors or in nature. Prepare appropriately for the hike by providing the right gear, mapping out an appropriate route, and carrying plenty of water.

5. Take team cooking classes

Cooking classes at retreats also enhance collaboration and teamwork. You can plan the menu together at cooking retreats and enjoy the meal as a team. Some companies donate these meals to charity.

Key points for a successful retreat

Putting time and effort into planning an engaging retreat and involving all employees can make a big difference to the day’s outcome. A successful team retreat can have a much wider impact on the organization, creating new ways of communicating and team dynamics in a sustainable and positive way.

Ask our Specialized Destination Management Company in Mexico for more information regarding the destination.