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Top Incentive Travel destinations in Mexico
These are the most popular incentive travel destinations in Mexico for your business retreats! Incentive trips are a great tool to promote the development of the bonds between the collaborators of a company. These trips help increase the performance and...
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Estado de Mexico Top Attractions
Magical Towns (Pueblos Mágicos) The State of Mexico offers a wide range of top attractions possibilities to visit and enjoy places. For their natural beauty, history, traditions, crafts, hospitality, and gastronomy, have received the distinction of Magical Town, Charming Town,...
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The best Waterfalls spots of Chiapas
A mini guide to visit the best Waterfalls spots of Chiapas, some of the hidden in the limits of the Lacandon Jungle.
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2 Places to Unite your spirit with Nature in Chiapas
The spirit of Chiapas is enveloped and embraced under the shelter of mother nature, from the coast to the highest mountains. Visit Chiapas!
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Incentive Travel for Millenials
We need to consider incentive travel for millenials as a main niche in our portfolio. Mexico has a lot of options for this specific niche.
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All you need to know about Chiapas Mexicos´ Treasure
CHIAPAS Full of mysticism and magic, Chiapas is all about beautiful nature, archaeological attractions, colonial treasures and museums, indigenous communities, and remote “fincas” with coffee plantations. This beautiful state located in Mexico´s southern area was also inhabited by Mayan Civilization. Get into...
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What is Incentive Travel?
The incentive travel is a motivational tool with extraordinary values. It is considered one of the best vehicles of corporate strategies. The Incentive travel helps employees and partners through all the organizational structure to increase productivity and reach common goals....
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State of Guanajuato
THE STATE of GUANAJUATO IS THE CULTURAL DESTINATION OF MEXICO The State of Guanajuato lets immerse yourself in the scenes from history. Discover charming places. Enjoy an evening at the theatre. Go down into the deepest depths of the mining...
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