Why Mexico is the best option for a Meeting or Event?
Mexico is the best destination for a meeting or event! Unique Venues, great connectivity, state-of-the-art convention centers, exclusive resorts, and Hotels. That makes Mexico the best destination for meetings and events. Ask an Event Company in Mexico to help you!...
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AEROMAR Always close to you
AEROMAR operates a daily average of 70 flights with a punctuality rate of over 93%. With a float of (3) ATR-42 and (7) ATR72-600 turboprop aircraft, with capacity for 48 and 68 passengers, respectively.  This is the only airline in...
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Why Hire SATMexico
You can hire SAT Mexico as many companies that decide to do the project by contracting local providers’ services because they believe this could keep the cost down or be less complicated to manage. But not having experience in Mexico...
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The best Waterfalls spots of Chiapas
A mini guide to visit the best Waterfalls spots of Chiapas, some of the hidden in the limits of the Lacandon Jungle.
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How Travel restrictions will continue to affect long haul destinations
Our company SAT Mexico DMC is suffering one of the most challenging crises we ever faced. We are always thinking and reading on how to overcome this situation. But the truth is that just time will give clarity to this...
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SATmexico dmc professional meeting services mexico
6 Benefits of Hiring Professional Meeting Services
Hiring a Professional Meeting-Services is the perfect choice you have to create a successful meeting or event with no big deal at all. When working with our clients, we have analyzed the top 6 main benefits of Hiring Professional Meeting-services,...
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SATmexico dmc mexico event planners
How to find and hire the Best Event Planner
Hiring the best event planner to make the most of your business events and actually create the right chance to boost them really doesn’t have to be something scary or stressful. As, if you really will follow some easy rules,...
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SATmexico dmc tour travel tips way travel
Digital Aspects that changed the way of Travel
Digitally, the way we travel has been revolutionized the manner we have a tendency to travel, in ways that each sensible and unhealthy. We’re feeling quite unhappy for the travel days of past, therefore let’s take a walk down memory lane and...
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SATmexico dmc incentive travel benefits
10 Benefits of Incentive Travel
INCENTIVE TRAVEL Incentive travel is a powerful tool to motivate and incentive businesspeople to become more successful.Incentive travel is business travel that helps motivate employees or partners to increase certain activity or to reach a goal. 1. FLEXIBILITY FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT....
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