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Celebrating 33 Remarkable Years of SAT Mexico: A Journey Through Time and Destinations
Exploring the possibilities of incentive travel in Mexico from the vibrant colors of the 1990s! When our journey began, to today, it's been 33 years of helping businesses worldwide unveil the magic of Mexico. Through these years, we at SAT...
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You should have the following issues ready if you are going on an incentive trip to Mexico!
You must hace the following issues ready if you are planning an exciting incentive trip to Mexico! Get ready for an incredible adventure filled with vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. But before you embark on this unforgettable journey,...
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Everything you need to know about NH & Minor Hotels Group
Their mission as a collection part of NH & Minor Hotels is to transcend the concept of basic accommodation and submerge each guest in a realm of awe, finding sheer delight in surpassing every expectation. Guests are invited to immerse...
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Have a Pool Party in Mexico’s Incentive Destinations
Planning a corporate or incentive party in the best destinations in Mexico? Why not add an exciting and unforgettable element by hosting a pool party in one of the country's stunning destinations. With year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches, and luxury...
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Exploring Mexico’s Top Cultural Incentive Destinations
Mexico's top cultural incentive destinations will amaze you for its vibrant culture, colorful history and breathtaking scenery, Mexico is a paradise for travelers looking to discover the best in cultural incentives. From ancient Aztec temples to colonial-era architecture and modern...
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The Perfect Incentive Retreat: Mexico’s Amazing Beaches
Are you looking for a way to reward your employees and build morale? An incentive retreat is an excellent choice. Mexico's breathtaking beaches make it the perfect destination for such an excursion. The possibilities are endless, from exploring historic Mayan...
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The Potters of Amatenango del Valle
Potter craftswomen of Chiapas in Amatenango del Valle preserve traditional techniques and knowledge, many of them dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Chiapas is one of the states that produce the greatest variety of handicrafts in Mexico, in shapes, textures, and...
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The Parachicos in the celebration Grande of Chiapas
The celebration Grande has multiple origins and is the result of a fusion of celebrations. The native towns of Chiapas had a religious celebration on these dates, in the XVI century the Spaniards turned it into a Catholic celebration. The...
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Experience a Wellness Heaven: Mexico Retreat Destinations
Discover an oasis of wellness in this scenic paradise in these wellness destinations for a perfect retreat in Mexico. Indulge in luxurious resorts with bespoke amenities ranging from spa treatments and fitness classes to on-site restaurants serving tantalizing dishes. Adventure...
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Planning A Company Retreat In Tulum: How-To Guide
If you are planning A Company Retreat In Tulum you must keep reading this ultimate guide! Tulum, Mexico is a popular destination for company retreats because it offers a unique combination of tropical beauty, a relaxed atmosphere, and cultural richness...
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