The best Waterfalls spots of Chiapas


There are waterfalls of all heights and shapes, from towering waterfalls like Maíz Blanco to small ones that don’t even have a name. Hidden amidst the foliage or descending from the mountains, there are waterfalls that fall smoothly, turning into clouds, and others that burst thunderously in the middle of the jungle: its flow is like a liquid fire that sprays us and hypnotically steals our gaze. Let us tell you more about some of the waterfalls that you can find on your next expedition to Chiapas.

Las Nubes Waterfalls

These waterfalls are hidden by the limits of the Lacandon Jungle and the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. Their name comes from the breeze created by the numerous waterfalls of the Santo Domingo River.

You have to take a few minutes to contemplate the spectacle. The best place to do it is a picturesque suspension bridge that crosses over the deep canyon. If you walk through the jungle, you can climb up to a lookout point, from which you can see the river flowing into the Montes Azules Biosphere.

Misol Ha- Waterfalls

Twenty kilometers away from Palenque, where this beautiful waterfall rises to a height of approximately 30 meters, forming a large pool in its descent where it is possible to bathe. It has a grotto you can reach by a walkway that passes behind the great curtain of water.

Inside the cave, a water source creates a stream that falls into the main pool. Surrounded by the high tropical jungle that characterizes the Chiapas highlands, this landscape is ideal for taking incredible pictures.

El Aguacero Waterfall in Chiapas

In order to get there, you must descend 800 steps, walk through rocks and logs on trails until you reach this spectacular waterfall. It has several sections and, in order to reach the last one, it is impossible not to get soaked because you pass under other smaller waterfalls.

The scenery is spectacular because the water descends through several rock ledges covered with moss and vegetation. The view is also enriched by the view of the rocky walls of La Venta canyon.

El Chiflón Waterfall in Chiapas

The Ecotourism Center El Chiflón does not have one waterfall, but 5. The waterfalls are formed here by the currents of the San Vicente River, giving life to “El Suspiro,” “Ala de Ángel,” “Arco Iris,” “Quinceañera” and the main “Velo de Novia,” which is 120 meters high. Due to the formation of the place, natural pools of intense turquoise waters are also formed. 

Enjoy the complex of waterfalls and natural pools on a 1,268-meter-long trail. Sugar cane plantations and tropical forests surround these beautiful waterfalls.

El Chorreadero Waterfall

At the height of 25 meters, this waterfall creates a series of natural pools framed by hills and large rocks. It marks the end of an underground river that is explored in an exciting excursion with a helmet, lamp, and life jacket. The tour consists of jumping waterfalls, rappelling, and swimming through the river, observing spectacular formations.

Roberto Barrios Waterfall in Chiapas

It is a beautiful waterfall that is very popular among tourists and locals in the region. It is located 14 km from Palenque Chiapas and is a set of staggered waterfalls in the middle of the majestic Chiapas jungle. Its emerald green waters and tranquility make it a place you can’t miss. You can swim in the natural pools as they are shallow.


If you are a nature lover, Chiapas is a unique destination you must visit on your next trip to Mexico because it is rich in natural diversity. In addition, it has beautiful landscapes that will captivate you. Its beautiful waterfalls let you see its beauty deep in the jungles of Chiapas.

Check out this video from the official Tourism Site of Chiapas, it shows a unique sight of the majesty of this natural waterfalls of Chiapas.

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