How to find and hire the Best Event Planner

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Hiring the best event planner to make the most of your business events and actually create the right chance to boost them really doesn’t have to be something scary or stressful. As, if you really will follow some easy rules, you will have everything you have to find and hire the right person to help you with this project.

Use our little guide and learn how to find and hire the best event planner in Mexico.

It analyzes the needs expressed or anticipates them and defines with the client the main concept of the event that meets the client (s), detects and defines with them the needs in terms of expected results, available resources, proposed contents, times. Defines the main concept of the event

It carries out feasibility analysis and defines the project of the event hypothesizes possible and concrete initiatives in relation to the identified needs, evaluating their feasibility also through fundraising actions (also at the international level or using European resources) and partnerships. It defines the project, its different phases of development, the economic, material, and human resources necessary for the realization of the event. Identify the complementary products useful for the success of the event

Organizes the preparation of the event and manages the organization of the preparation of the spaces, the activation of agreements and contracts with all consultants and staff employed for the event (lenders, artists, technicians, suppliers of materials ), the activation of agreements and assignments with external organizations which will be entrusted with the implementation of some specific phases. Coordinates every phase during the realization of the event

It designs and realizes communication and marketing activities and deals with organizing and managing the promotional campaign using all the available channels to reach the chosen target or liaising with communication companies. Today, ICT is a fundamental tool for this activity (information on websites, construction of hypertext, exchange with other Web resources, etc.)

Reporting, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of the event evaluates the economic profitability, the social utility, the satisfaction of customers/customers /users, participation, the possibility of obtaining social benefits

Most of all, the perfect event planner knows how to communicate and, most of all, it knows how to better communicate your event

Communicating is the keyword of success, we have now understood it all. The events sector is no exception.

From the point of view of customer services, the choice can be very wide, especially in the IT field. From the promotion via social media or mass mailing (broad promotional e-mails) of your event to the experience of the participants through interactive apps, direct streaming, and simultaneous translations, the horizons seem to grow a bit more each day.

So, the best event planner you should look for and hire is someone having these features and, of course, the right personality.

A good event planner must be a bit ‘psychological, a bit’ sellers, a bit ‘experts in human relations, and a little’ superheroes.

Budget, costs, permits, transport coordination, time and contents management, choice of food, choice of Personnel Management.

But what are the characteristic qualities or better, the personal characteristics that you should have to become an excellent event organizer?


Relationship skills and communication skills are two elements that cannot be missed in a single event organ.

If an event planner loses patience quickly and cannot relax in complicated or stressful situations, is not the right person for you.


Unforeseen can happen in every situation. They are lurking around the corner, and when I see him, they jump out of the way and they face you, becoming a beautiful obstacle in the middle of your path.

If you want to be you must be, in any case, overcome it, because not everything always goes the way you want, even if you thought you had planned everything at all point.

The unforeseen events just happen, and they upset everything. Do you want to know what are the most common contingencies? Presentations that do not answer, microphones that are not related to audio problems, speakers or catering providers who for now give you hole, bad weather, and so on and so forth.

In short, you will become a real superhero only when all surprises stop to catch you by surprise.


Organizing an event does not mean being the protagonist, far from it! A good event manager must stay hidden in the shadows and monitor, or rather pull the ranks of the event, like a good puppeteer.

You do not have to see it, but it is doing a lot of the work to make the show really perfect. He must check that everything works, that it is planned, and if something should not have a fingertip.


The preparation time of an event can be very long, and last several months, if not more than a year; this is because there are many things to prepare, so knowing how to manage the remaining time is an essential gift. When an event planner thinks he’s upfront, he’s on time, and when he thinks he’s keeping up with the roadmap he’s already late. It is important to know how to go straight to the point, i.e. choose the shortest route between two points. An event planner must know how to remove the obstacles and do only what is really necessary, leaving aside irrelevant steps. So, once you will have all these features in one person you may have found the perfect person for you and your business and yes! It’s time to finally hire!

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