Digital Aspects that changed the way of Travel

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Digitally, the way we travel has been revolutionized the manner we have a tendency to travel, in ways that each sensible and unhealthy.

We’re feeling quite unhappy for the travel days of past, therefore let’s take a walk down memory lane and bear in mind the relics of pre-Digital Age travel…

Back Then the pre-Digital Age, Traveling was much stressful and strenuous then, Imagine A world without Smartphones, iPods, TABLET, online GUIDES, internet etc., If we should just try and take a look back at them and compare it to now, you will notice there has been a huge margin and difference. And be grateful for the Digital world.

  1. Back then it was the use of international calling cards which enables you to talk to your family and friends trust me it was very compulsory then or else there were no means you will communicate with your loved ones, but Now, you have Social media to chat with your loved ones, the likes of Facebook, Snap chat, Skye, IMO, WhatsApp and do all sorts of calls both voice call and video call.
  2. Then you will have to rely on local guides or physical maps to get to your locations and not get lost, but now digital Aspect has improved that by creating MAP apps in which you can now check any country’s or city’s map on your smartphone or computer
  3. You have to Call Airline Support landline in order to book flights (mainly Phone calls) etc., but now we have emails. Online websites to book flights and tickets, to get updated on flights time etc.

Believe Me, the Digital Aspect Has Changed the way of Traveling a lot Just try and take your time on the Article and Reminisce you would notice a lot has improved and Developed, let’s Continue on how breakdown

  1. Then you will always have to use Manual & local Guidesask for information around people to know, cool, awesome places to eat, explore, and chill, all thanks to internet all have been made easy now you can just go on web and get the information you need and it’s going to give you best of Experience
  2. You would always carry along a camera to take photos of where you are exploring, just in order to take note of them and update your loved ones, but now with the help if smartphones you will capture events good picture resolution, and update them on social media as soon as you like and everyone is updated as you share your traveling experience with them.
  3. Penpal was a common thing, then you will always want to write your friends you meet them and write letters to them frequently but with the help of Facebook, Twitter you are already buddies instantly and would talk with one another no matter the distance between you.
  4. Excitement and element of surprise that occurs when you are going to a new location which you haven’t seen or heard of have been cut shut because you can now simply Go on the internet and google the place out and get to see the beautiful and awesome picture of how it looks like.