How Travel restrictions will continue to affect long haul destinations


Our company SAT Mexico DMC is suffering one of the most challenging crises we ever faced. We are always thinking and reading on how to overcome this situation. But the truth is that just time will give clarity to this uncertainty. It is impossible to plan.

We all know that the COVID -19 is shaking the world Economy and talking specifically about the Travel sector, the projections do not seem to be even close to recovery for the following year, 2021.

In Agust 2020, The United Nations, together with the World Travel Organization, presented a Brief regarding COVID 19 and the Transformation of Tourism. The most important outcome is the opportunity of transformation and how some parts of the world will need to keep phase with the unpredicted challenges and the evolution of the pandemic. 

You can read this Brief under this link.

Our company’s clients are 100% international travelers. All of them are considered long haul destinations, even the US, for some distances. Today we see a big impossibility to travel, and short and medium-term restrictions will close even more the possibilities.

Travel Restrictions 

The truth is that this sector is under an emergency situation since millions of direct employment will be lost until we will reach a point that will take years to rebuild. And we will need to add a long list of necessary travel restrictions that each country will apply, which will directly affect the potential of the tourism activity.

The UN – WTO report shows that almost all countries in the world have imposed restrictions on travel, and they will continue to reinforce them. Around 90 Countries have entirely or partially closed their borders to tourists. In contrast, some others are closed to certain countries or regions that they consider risky. This will represent the impossibility of travel freely now and in the following months or years.

Tourism enables countries to prosper. It allows people to experience some of the world cultures and natural reachest and brings people close to each other. It is essential to be flexible and coordinate health and political desitions beyond each country’s territorial boundaries. This challenge does not understand boundaries, mentioned Antonio Guterres, Secretary of the ONU. 

Talking to some of our clients, they mention that it is challenging to go to a particular country that the restrictions are confusing and strict. They will think and look for an easy way to travel. Is Incredible the number of people who will avoid the hazard of traveling to destinations with so many restrictions or risks. They will not stay at home, but they will travel locally and postpone their dream holidays whenever they will not wear a mask. 

Some restrictions that today professionals we have to take into consideration


Some countries lifting rules regarding the quarantine will allow traveling locally. Still, some territories will not enable traveling Internationally, or they will bane some risk Countries. If travel is necessary, we will need to consider quarantine again.

In our opinion, this is the most substantial travel restriction (and understandable, of course). Still, indeed, some countries like ours that do not have the same vision as the ones that are doing better controlling the pandemic.

In our case, Mexico has to forget long haul travelers and focus on the neighbors that consider some Mexican destinations like a domestic destination. At least for the next 6 -8 months. 

Local Travel Restrictions

Professionals will need to be quite honest and straightforward to recommend clients to travel to specific destinations. Some places might be close, Historical Places, UNESCO, World Wonders, Restaurants to a particular capacity, Hotels to a certain accommodation, and Internal restrictions. In other words, we will need to become experts in what we offer to offer the best possible experience for our clients. 


Before taking a plane and landing, many countries now require travelers to either have a negative COVD-19 test certificate or health care check to enter their own territories again. 

Not compelling with this may incur high monetary penalties, take a coronavirus test upon arrival, being forced to pay a hotel for quarantine and treatment fees if the result is positive. 

Before traveling, it is essential to review which type of tests and control formats each traveler needs to comply with. 

Type of Face Covering

This is one of the Travel restrictions that will stay for a long time. But it is not just we need to think about covering our face with “something,” new regulations are thinking about the fabrics, valve, and overall the mask we should wear when traveling. 

We will need to include this subject in the following months as part of our clients’ information. We will need to know which type of mask each airline is approving and the restrictions to wearing it wherever they go. 


Of course, every company has a different commercial strategy. Still, today all the restrictions are not unified, and without vision, when does it come to an end. Knowledgable travel Agentes and Managers will be the key to make the travels feel safe when visiting a specific destination. The more you know about it, the more you make your clients feel confident. 

Unified travel restrictions will help reduce the risk of infection. Everything will indeed slow down or change if there is an increase in COVID infection rates. But, for travel and hospitality is a breakthrough. We will start to travel again locally but not long haul for the time being.