Estado de Mexico Top Attractions

Magical Towns (Pueblos Mágicos)

The State of Mexico offers a wide range of top attractions possibilities to visit and enjoy places. For their natural beauty, history, traditions, crafts, hospitality, and gastronomy, have received the distinction of Magical Town, Charming Town, or World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. There are 10 Magical Towns in the state that offer the opportunity to connect with nature and live the adventure of an “EDOMEX” experience.


First Magical Town of the State of Mexico top attractions, where you can admire the viceregal wealth of the State and the country by visiting the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, the architecture of the Arcos del Sitio, and all the adventure activities that you can enjoy there. The pulque tour or tasting the typical food in the municipal market or the communities of the municipality will complement the visit.

Valle de Bravo

Ideal for adventure and adrenaline lovers. Here you can paraglide or hang glide and practice water sports in the Miguel Aleman Dam, such as skiing, boat rides, and motorcycles. This site offers a reconnection with nature and spirituality by visiting the Velo de Novia waterfall, the Tibetan meditation stupas, and Monte Alto Park. High-temperature ceramics and frayed textiles are the handicrafts that you can find in this Magical Town.

El Oro

Magic Town of singular architecture where the undefeated vestiges of the gold mining splendor go back to those times by going into the Socavón San Juan in a 300-meter tour; visit the Tiro Norte, the only wooden structure of this type still standing in the Mexican Republic that also serves as a viewpoint of the Town; Here you can admire architectural jewels such as the Municipal Palace and the Juarez Theater; as well as enjoy the Brockman Dam, the delicious gastronomy and its typical drink, the Chiva (goat) and the bread of amasijo accompanied by homemade jam…


Which is part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; famous for its delicious cheeses and tours of its historical center, the Municipal Washing Places, and the Cascades of La Concepción and Tixhiñú, where you can rappel or take an RZR route. The pieces made with quarry stone and Otomi embroidery are true pieces of art from this region.


The magic of its handicraft richness is reflected when visiting the pottery workshops, the Handicrafts Market, where the “Arbol de la Vida” (Tree of Life) is made, and the Museo del Barro (Clay Museum). Undoubtedly, you must visit the Calvario Church on the hill of Los Magueyes; the Bar “2 de Abril” to taste “La Garañona,” a typical drink of the place, and the haute cuisine of the various restaurants in the municipality.

Villa del Carbón

Also known as the World Capital of Charro Boot due to its artisan heritage of leather goods and the tradition of charreria. Stunning landscapes made up of forests and imposing mountains are the scenery that surrounds its El Llano and Taxhimay dams, where in addition to the boat, zip line, horse, and ATV rides, you can spend the night in a beautiful mountain cabin.

Archeological Sites

Teotihuacán y San Martín de las pirámides

The municipalities of Teotihuacán and San Martín de las Pirámides are home to the Archaeological Zone, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are located. This place can be visited by flying, on foot or by bicycle. Taste the exquisite gastronomy of pre-Hispanic dishes made with escamoles, chinicuiles, and pulque inside a grotto or in restaurants around the Archaeological Zone. 


It is a Magic Town that has it all; here, you can visit the Archaeological Zone of Cuauhtinchán, the only monolithic pyramid in America. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting top attractions at State of Mexico. When touring the historic center, you can not miss the tequitqui art frescoes inside the Ex Augustinian Convent of the Transfiguration and the flea market that still preserves ancient traditions such as the bartering of products. The mezcal route and a visit to a still are a must, and to complement the tour, you can eat delicious trout in different preparations or taste varied gastronomy.

Thermal Waters


It is the most recent Magical Town of the State of Mexico top attractions, characterized by the thermal waters that flow in its Municipal Spa, ideal for relaxation and relief of various ailments; you should also visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tonatico; a must the “Grutas de la Estrella,” where you can take guided tours of these beautiful geological formations that can be seen very closely.

Ixtapan de la Sal

Enjoying a massage in the different spas or visiting the hot springs that, in addition to moments of relaxation, are pampering to the body and spirit. A relaxing stay will be complemented by visiting the Historical Center and the clay and wood carving artisan workshops while enjoying the traditional “dulce de pepita.”

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