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Top 6 Incentive travel destinations in the world

Incentive travel destinations theme is more popular than ever before. As brands and businesses seek new ways to incentivize their employees. Whether it’s a special meeting with top clients or a chance to stay in a high-end hotel. Incentive trips are now more common than ever. End-of-the-year holidays, quarterly performance reviews, and employee appreciation days are the most common kinds of incentive programs that companies set up for employees.

You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering where you should take employees for an incentive trip. In this article, we will share our top 6 choices for an incentive travel destination places. Where your team can enjoy a well-deserved getaway during an Employee Appreciation Day or end-of-year holiday.

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations in the world of incentive travel. As it is an attractive choice for learning team activities.

There are factors to consider when choosing this destination.

The beautiful turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. With white sand, make it an incredible destination that will make any incentive trip a good idea. In addition, there are several activities to develop team building skills. Its history and culture, and places to discover, such as the Mayan Ruins and more.

In Cancun, several convention centers are made to integrate a large number of people. And are the ideal place to organize inter-company meetings. Some of the most important events are presented here. Depending on your area of expertise, your whole company could benefit from a business trip. While having fun in these destinations. In addition, their hotel offer is very vast. So you can choose from something very simple to something huge for your events.

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New York City, USA

Taking an incentive trip to New York is one of the best rewards that can be offered to both employees and clients. The city offers a great number of activities and tourist attractions to visit.

New York is a recommended destination due to its importance as a global business center. For job training activities, events, or conferences by professionals in the field. As well as to promote networking. In addition, the cultural and artistic influence of the country is one of the most influential worldwide. It has a wide offer in terms of incentives and business tourism. This city has places that are world icons and that you can visit with your work teams. Such as the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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New York City, USA

Japan has hosted large-scale events at the highest level on numerous occasions. Also provides a wide variety of tourist areas. They can be selected for incentive travel.

Throughout the country, there are cities recognized by the Government of Japan as International Convention Cities.

And one of them is Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the must-see destinations on any trip to Japan. Its metropolitan area has 13 million inhabitants and is one of the most modern cities in the world. Numerous corporate offices and research institutes are located in Tokyo. Making the city one of the world’s largest cultural and business centers.

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Ask our Specialized Destination Management Company in Mexico for more information regarding the destination.

Dubai, Arab Emirates

Dubai has grown as one of the top incentive travel destinations in recent years. This destination is one of the most ambitious for most companies. Offering both their employees and clients a high-end experience. Surrounded by the best stores, hotels, and activities. However, although it is a city that promotes consumption and luxury, creative activities happen and are possible to the pocket of each company.

This incredible city is worldwide for the luxury, elegance, and grandeur of its streets. As well as for its shopping tourism and its architectural variety. It is one of the most modern and luxurious in the world. Dubai offers its visitors a contrast between its Arabian cultural roots and the modernity of a westernized city. Ready to welcome and pamper all its visitors with its attractions.

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Paris, France

Paris is a classic in the world of incentive travel. As it has many attractions besides being perfectly for incentive travel or business.

It is one of the cities with the highest number of tourists visiting it every year. So the hotel offer is wide and varied. In addition, it has countless activities for companies. And its connection is perfect since it has three airports, a subway, and a wide international rail network. It is a very accessible place for those who wish to travel on incentives.

On the other hand, French gastronomy is one of the most famous in the world. And it is a city full of activities and cultural places to visit, such as its museums.

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London, England

London is an essential destination in this classification.

As it is one of the best cities for incentive travel. It is the nerve center of all the important English companies. Therefore, it is also for the rest of Europe since most of the companies are important in London business areas.

In addition to being a beautiful place full of beautiful architecture, in the English capital, companies can find accommodation for all budgets. From luxury hotels to traditional bed & breakfasts. There are also numerous venues for business events and a thousand plans in its streets. Take a stroll through Hyde Park, visit the British Museum, browse the stores in Camden Town, have your picture taken next to Buckingham Palace, and more.

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There are many cities for incentive tourism. They offer hotel architecture and business activity centers and, of course, beautiful places to visit.

Organizing an incentive trip takes work. You must know how to choose the right place depending on the activities and the objectives that you want. Therefore, we recommend you contact our team of experts at SAT MEXICO.  Which will help you plan your incentive trip so that everything goes perfectly.