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Gala dinner - CAMEXA

Brief: Provide the perfect place and create an ideal program for an elegant social event based on the thematic “The Roaring Twenty” inspired on old cruise ships atmosphere.

  • Venue

Hotel Lago restaurant, an historic hotel that speaks for itself, where guests enjoy the warm enviroment of the 19th. There was no best place to recreate the old and elegant atmosphere of the past century. The Tiffany sainglass window, the panoramic elevators and the lobby remeinds the cruise ship distribution in the early 20´s.

  • Chalenges
  • Contracting an unforgettable venue
  • Getting the best value for the money withing the budget
  • Sponsorships
  • Entretainment
“We want to thank you for the huge support you lent us during the Gala dinner planning. As you do every year, your team afforded us creativity, professionalism and enthusuasm”
L.M, Logistic Manager, HEINEKEN FORUM
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