Incentive travel: The best way to motivate your company

Incentive travel is the best way to motivate your company.

Without a doubt, motivation is something that many companies are finding more and more difficult. Since their employees are no longer only looking for money as a means of motivation. For them, it is often more important to rest or acquire new experiences. For example, through the trip of their dreams.

As a tip

An incentive trip helps to motivate employees 100%. How? Through activities that boost and develop their skills and talents. As well as getting to know new places and getting out of their routine workplace.

This article explains a little more about incentive trips and the benefits they can bring to companies. Keep on reading!

But what are incentive trips?

Incentive trips are a reward to motivate employees of a company. Also, its customers for their loyalty. It’s a planned activity that seeks to create and stimulate interpersonal and labor relations of a workgroup. Or to reward a job well done. It is a good system for building customer and employee loyalty. As promoting the values associated with the company. Such as uniting departments, promoting sales, or rewarding the objectives achieved. Within the company, it is a good motivator to achieve results.


As we have mentioned incentive travel brings great benefits for a company since it works as a great reward.

Some of the benefits that can be highlighted from the realization of this type of trip are:

  • The reinforcement of bonds and more sincere relationships between workers improve labor communication between them.
  • It generates a positive and pleasant memory on the part of the worker with the company.
  • Develops empathy between workers and the company.
  • Improves teamwork, self-motivation, and competence.
  • The mission, vision, and values are reinforced within each company employee.
  • The best talents will stay with you.
  • Achievement of objectives and job performance.

The benefits of incentive travel are numerous. A company needs to take care of its human resources. Since the best performance is obtained from them in developing the company’s activities. Therefore, motivating them with a trip that changes their expectations and ways of seeing work for something they enjoy is good.

The best places for incentive travel

Undoubtedly, there are many destinations around the world where you could make your incentive trip. And among the best are the following:


This country is known for its wide range of tourist destinations. From beautiful beaches and deserts to jungles and forests. As for its cultural offer, it is very varied. Its gastronomy is exquisite, one of the best in the world.

Mexico is home to many hotel and convention centers ready to make your trip a success. Places like the Riviera Maya, Mexico City, or Guadalajara. They can be one of the main cities for this type of trip.

The United States

It is one of the world’s main powers. And its big cities with impressive skyscrapers are one of the best options for this type of trip. Since it offers a variety of activities.

Many of the cities in the United States are considered business and incentive headquarters worldwide. Certainly, for their wide range of hotels, business, and leisure activities.


Undoubtedly, Japan is also one of the leading destinations for incentive travel. As this country has hosted some major events. In addition, some of its cities are very modern. And have everything you need to comfortably carry out activities to motivate your company to its total success. Also, it has unique places to visit.

Japan is also one of the favorite countries because of its technology level.


Countries such as Germany, France, and England are some of the main countries in the continent to offer incentive tourism. Thanks to their vast culture and gastronomy. And especially for companies, they are leaders in the business sector and favorites to visit.

Of course, many companies can consider many destinations for incentive tourism. You have to be clear about the objectives you are looking to achieve in each trip.

Ask our Specialized Destination Management Company in Mexico for more information regarding the destination.

Considerations for an incentive trip:

One of the latest trends in the sector is to carry out activities related to development cooperation and social responsibility in the company. With employees, you can choose to carry out activities that include this type of objective.

On the other hand

Some of the aspects that you should take into account when planning your incentive trip are:

  1. There must be a balance between leisure and business-related activities.
  2. The choice of destination is key to the development of activities. If you need to know which one to choose, visit our destinations section and see what we can offer you.
  3. It is necessary to consider the attendees’ demographic characteristics and adapt the activities to their needs.
  4. It should always be new and attractive. The idea is to reward and promote the participation of the attendees, so it must capture their attention, and this is the first time it has been done.
  5. It’d be perfect to make a prospecting visit to the selected destination to check everything that has been contracted.