¿Why Incentive Travel will be important after Covid -19?

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Incentive Travel After COVID? After almost one and a half years of isolation, people worldwide have learned to live with certain health restrictions, which have been adopted as part of everyday life.

Still, when the contingency is over, the need for economic recovery, getting out, and traveling will be evident.

This is why the Tracker launched by the UNWTO is a help to be able to implement international travel again, so this is a good opportunity for companies to make their productivity strategies for their employees.

Offering motivations will give a turn towards incentive trips as these will help companies to meet their expected goals to stand out in the tourism sector. 

Top 5 reasons why Incentive travel will be meaningful after covid 

  1. The imperious need for travel: After 1/3 of the countries have closed their doors to tourism and the inability to travel has increased, the travel demand has grown. There are skies without planes, places without people, empty streets, and people staring at each other through screens. However, this represents a new era for incentive tourism. After the confinement experienced during these past months, people worldwide will choose to travel. This will become a necessity to help both physically and emotionally. 
  2. Lockdown – With the imposition of sanitary restrictions such as healthy distance, use of masks, and impossibility to travel, there will be a powerful wish to travel and to go out and discover new places. Incentive Travel programs will be again a high motivation to achieve corporate goals.
  3. As Aristotle (384-322, B.C.) said, we need to become social again- “Man is a social being by nature.” Therefore, as a social subject, human beings need interaction and coexistence with other human beings for their development. Given the current conditions, face-to-face interaction is a link that had to be broken completely to give way to digital interaction through technology. There will be a high demand for social activities and corporate gatherings. We all want to see our peers and interact again. 
  4. New expectations – When can I travel again? and Where? We realized how much we need to travel in our lives. Many people would like an Incentive Trip to reward their hard work and effort, especially if it is an exotic location, such as an island paradise or perhaps a jungle location. Create expectations around this necessity to travel will push employees hard work.
  5. Inverse Psychology – Human beings always want what they can’t have, and in this case, is no exception. Since we cannot travel, we are just dreaming of when we will do it again. We will consider making that trip that we always want it to do, and we will fill our bucket list with ideas.

Why will Travel be important?

Incentive Travel after COVID will emerge with an incredible force as people in their jobs will prefer this type of motivation to achieve their goals.

A trip to an exotic place will be very attractive and will create the need to complete the objectives.

One of the sectors most affected due to the pandemia is, of course, Incentive Travel. However, as an increasing number of countries worldwide ease travel restrictions, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a new Tourism Recovery Tracker to support global tourism.

This report represents the U.N. specialized agency’s latest concrete action. It leads the global tourism response and guides global tourism recovery. UNWTO. (2020). 

Tourism and COVID-19 , The Tracker includes data on:

  • International tourist arrivals.
  • Seat capacity on domestic and international air routes,
  • Air travel bookings,
  • Hotel searches and bookings, occupancy rates, and short-term rental demand.
  • Travel Sentiment Score
  • COVID-19 14-day reporting rate per 100,000 inhabitants
  • UNWTO. (2020). Tourism and COVID-19

This Tracker will provide more concrete data on tourism recovery and guidance.

The good news is that Incentive Travel is one of the sectors expected to recover faster.

Incentive Travel involves rewarding a company’s employees in the form of a trip to achieve goals that lead to success. When it is a trip of this kind, the staff is more motivated and work harder in the performance of their tasks to accomplish this great reward.


This precedent is why incentive trips are the best option. They are an excellent occasion for team building, that is, to build teamwork skills in a company’s collaborators. They are the perfect excuse to motivate employees to achieve work objectives or reward them for achievements. 

However, it is well understood that it is not safe to travel now because of health restrictions. The world will want to return to normality and see beautiful places that leave unparalleled experiences. 

A trip to some exotic place in Mexico can help motivate employees and customers to achieve goals.

Unique places that could only be known through an organized trip are an excellent step to achieve long-awaited success in crisis times.

At the end of the pandemic, one of the sectors that will have a faster recovery will be the incentive trips.

Companies will need help to get up from the crisis that left this situation besides that, it will be of extreme importance for the economy in the world and that better than a trip of incentives to motivate the team of the company towards greatness.

This type of trip is undoubtedly an excellent reward for all parties involved, both for the companies and for reviving the economy and incentive tourism for the world.