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Tamaulipas Surprises

Tamaulipas is one of the richest destinations in Mexico! A pretty well kept secret in tourism for its richness, variety, and other surprises, such as segments for relaxation and entertainment. Meet Tamaulipas!

Located in the northeast of the Mexican Republic, the tourist destinations of Tamaulipas present its visitors with a series of varieties to enjoy that allow it to offer the majority of all the tourist segments that exist in the country. Nature, sun and beach, hunting, fishing, gastronomic, religious, business, medical, adventure and beautiful Magical Towns, all this and more you will find in your visit to the well named “Surprise of Mexico”.

Playa Miramar, Tesoro, Barra del Tordo, La Pesca, Carbonera, and Bagdad are the destinations that along its coastline are excellent opportunities to enjoy a place where the warm waters, the clear sand, the deep blue sea, and the festive atmosphere will be your best partners in this experience.

Mainly in the coastal destinations of Tamaulipas, you can’t miss the delicious dishes made with fresh seafood. Whether in their natural presentations, crabs, shrimp, oysters, and fish, they are a true delicacy that have allowed our chefs to take them further and create true emblematic dishes where they fuse sea products with typical ingredients from the Tamaulipas countryside.

Nature & Hiking in Tamaulipas destinations, Mexico

If your travel tastes go for the side of nature and hiking, the “Surprise of Mexico”, has destinations and places that will take you to discover ecosystems, flora, and fauna that will make you fall in love and make you come back soon. In the central part of the state, nestled in the Sierra Madre Oriental and formed by the municipalities of Gomez Farias, Llera, Ocampo, and Jaumave, the Biosphere Reserve “El Cielo” is a must-see destination on your visit to Tamaulipas.  

In this space that is a true jewel of nature you can go hiking, explore caves, explore the wonders of the biosphere, kayaking, camping, and a myriad of complementary activities that will let you know why this destination: “El Cielo”.

Medical Tourism in Tamaulipas destinations, Mexico

In the northern zone of Tamaulipas, some destinations stand out for their vocation focused on medical tourism, Where they attend foreign patients with quality services and at accessible costs, thus promoting binational exchange, and economically benefiting the communities. Another area that boosts tourism is business, thanks to the fact that important national and international companies that manufacture their products for export and local consumption established in this part of the country.

Gastronomy, beaches, rivers and lagoons

The food you can enjoy during your visit is mainly based on meat. And in some cases is the result of a fusion with Texan cuisine. Presenting dishes with tex mex versions, predominating the cuts and meats of animals that exist in the hunting ranches. An important amount of foreign hunters visit these destinations.

The southern part of Tamaulipas is in the middle of many by beaches, rivers, and lagoons. Adding to its history and importance in the economy of the country and also, positioning the place as a tourist destination visited by travelers from all over the country.

As an additional attraction, the cuisine of this part of the state is one of the most representative of Tamaulipas offering dishes that are internationally recognized for their flavor. Such as Frank’s crab and grilled meat Tampiqueña style, are two examples of local creations that already belong to the world cuisine.

That is why, if you are looking for a destination that offers you multiple options to enjoy with your family and friends, if you wish to visit beaches, rivers, cenotes, lagoons, ecological reserves, dunes, and forests or to know one of the most delicious gastronomies of the country, Tamaulipas must be in your list of places to discover and where to spend your next vacations.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Tamaulipas, “The Surprise of Mexico”.