Tamaulipas Biosphere reserve “El Cielo”

Esteban Berrones “Tropa Pajarera”

At Tamaulipas Biosphere reserve “El Cielo”, I am an environmental interpretation guide and my specialty is bird guiding. When I hire my services I share with you the importance of the flora and fauna that exists in the reserve. I give a brief talk about the history of the reserve, taking tourism and conservation hand in hand. And I can mimic the birds, if you bring cameras I will gladly take you to the sites where the species that you want to take are.

Thanks to my work and the more than 400 species that exist in the reserve, I have assisted birders from the United States, Canada, England, Holland, and Guatemala. I have guided people from National Geographic and Netflix, as well as renowned nature photographers.

Visitors to the Tamaulipas Biosphere Reserve “El Cielo” will find several types of vegetation, from the part of Gómez Farías to the upper section of the cloud forest. In this part, you will find orchids and endemic trees, the caves found in Ejido San José and Joya de Manantiales, and part of the Alta Cima.

Very nice places to rest and be in harmony with nature. In the lower part, you can enjoy Florida, the Cañón de la Servilleta, the Comandante River, and in the northern part the source of the Sabinas River.

For those who wish to go deeper into nature observation, it is highly recommended that they hire a guide who knows the flora and fauna that exists within the reserve so that they realize why “Tamaulipas Biosphere Reserve El Cielo” is part of the human heritage.

What not to miss in Tamaulipas Biosphere Reserve “El Cielo“

As a natural reserve, we must care for and respect the Tamaulipas biosphere reserve “El Cielo” for the services it provides such as oxygen and water, in addition to its abundant trees, animals, and plants.

Tour the different areas of the reserve, learn about the flora and fauna, go on the zip line, spend the night in the cabins, have a bonfire, and enjoy the starry sky. Handmade quesadillas and food cooked with firewood.