Tamaulipas – Cocodrilo Tampico Guide

In this Tamaulipas Tampico guide, I recommend getting to know the beautiful city of Tampico for its architecture, for its gastronomy which is very diverse, delicious and above all that you eat fresh, of good quality and price. But above all, what I recommend the most is its hospitable people, who know how to give shelter to those who come here and make them enjoy the natural, architectural, historical and gastronomic wonders of our city. You will be pleasantly surprised when you come to Tampico, your home.

I invite you to enjoy a walk through La Cortadura and Laguna del Carpintero, a wonderful ecosystem in the center of the city. I also invite you to tour the Pánuco River, the entrance to Quetzalcóatl. And gastronomy is so diverse, but I highly recommend the seafood casserole.

When touring downtown Tamaulipas Tampico guide we are going to find great diversity in architecture, exquisite with a mixture of neoclassical, art deco, nouveau and eclectic styles. Because Tampico is a cultural mosaic, we will also find coffee shops, excellent restaurants, bars, and a great variety of handicrafts made of shells and snails.

Tampico awaits you with open arms, we happily welcome you and especially do not miss visiting the historic building of the Customs of Tampico.