The flavours of Tamaulipas Gastronomy

“El Porvenir” Restaurant

This are the flavours of Tamaulipas Gastronomy from the perspective of Chef Angel Garcia, from the Tamaulipas restaurant “El Porvenir”, the variety of flavours from Tamaulipas gastronomy is based on the wide range of fresh ingredients available in the state. He pointed out that we need to spread and appreciate the gastronomy of Tamaulipas in its correct dimension.

“When one visits other destinations in the state we are surprised with dishes or ways of cooking that although you have already tried them in restaurants. Enjoying them with different techniques delights the palate. Speaking of the south of Tamaulipas, it is unique gastronomy, which has been tried to be replicated in other places, our dishes such as Frank’s crab. Mixed cakes or stuffed crabs, have been so good that they became popular and became part of the local and regional cuisine”, he points out in the interview.

“It is unique because of the geographical area and the history. We have the sea, rivers, and lagoons, fresh, brackish, and salt water. At the time of oil, money, and growth was in Tampico, that is how my grandfather came here and founded “El Porvenir” at the beginning of the last century.

At that time the Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, French, English, Polish and Russian colonies arrived. Practically from all over the world and each one brought their own culture and gastronomy. The fusions in the kitchen, so fashionable today, at that time there was a fusion of their culture with our ingredients and gave an identity to the area that we have,” concludes Chef Garcia.

“Akichi” Restaurant

Chef Manuel Cavazos, from the restaurant “Akichi”, defines himself as a storyteller. Creating experiences through different times and having as the best ally within his narrative the products and ingredients and flavours from Tamaulipas Gastronomy. Considering what socio-cultural aspect of Tamaulipas he wants to make known through his creation.

“In Akichi we decided to set up a restaurant in which we carry out all the actions starting from the social and cultural responsibility we have as a restaurant. Through the weekly specials and tasting menus of each season what we seek on the one hand is to strengthen our gastronomic identity as “Tamaulipecos”. Through seasonal products such as chochas, mahuacatas, mesquite, jacubes, or prawns regardless of the concept,” he mentions.

“We are very interested in strengthening our gastronomic identity, rescuing our traditional dishes, that is the backbone of the actions we carry out.”

“Los Curricanes”  Restaurant

“In the south of Tamaulipas, we have extremely prolific gastronomy, this by natural effect due to the richness of the ingredients and the Mexican culture. Tampico was the most important oil port in the world at the beginning of the last century, and it was the most important oil port in the world. This led big investors to bring their music, history, and flavors to this part of the state. Merging with the traditional cuisine of the south”, mentions chef Ricardo de Gorordo from the restaurant “Los Curricanes” from Tampico flavours of Tamaulipas Gastronomy.

After listing iconic dishes such as “torta de la barda” and the famous “carne asada a la tampiqueña”. He adds the importance that its history represents for the southern zone. As well as the combination and convergence of flavors, cultures, and ingredients that underpin Tamaulipas as one of the most outstanding places in the Mexican Republic.

“The diversity in our state also includes spectacular mezcals, our olive oil from Tula. Which is among the best in America, one of the few oils that Spain, being the number one producer, imports, with spectacular olives. The crab, the shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. I believe that the great richness of both seafood and land products makes Tamaulipas a unique place to know in a gastronomic way. It is a pleasant discovery for the palate to come across these wonders of Tamaulipas gastronomy”, adds Gorordo’s chef.