What elements make an incentive travel program effective?

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We know the overriding benefits of having an incentive travel program for employees. Still, important as having everything to maximize the most from your plan.

The key to a good incentive travel program is to make everyone who needs to be involved clear on all goals. At the end of the day is all about motivating them by stating what they will earn if they achieve the goals.

Below there is a list with the key basic elements to having an effective incentive travel program for employees:

State the goals and goals clearly, make sure to set achievable but challenging goals:

Of course, the criteria outlined to achieve the trip will be linked to business targets and achievable, measurable goals. The basis of the idea is that those who qualify will be those who meet the needs.

There will be no bonus reward for over-achieving unless previously stated. The top salesperson may receive a bonus to the rest. 

But in most cases, this is not a great idea as it causes division amongst the employees and harms the morale of the team. Involving management and recipients of the award a chance to suggest potential destinations.

Offer consistent communication:

Employees need to be able to track their progress. This can be by software tracking systems, interactive leader boards, or as simple as approaching management to get feedback.

This will also require companies and the employees to keep track records, which will prove productivity.

Paying attention to the program and actively giving getting support from the management:

Having active management who constantly get involved with reinforcing to the employees the program’s importance and how it is deemed important in productivity and performance. 

Finding a way to pay recognition and give small rewards as a token of appreciation can provide that extra bit of motivation to let employees know that nothing is going unnoticed.

Releasing monthly rankings is an excellent way to get some light hearted competitiveness among staff while also recognizing those top performers.

Choosing an exciting, exotic, and motivational giveaway.

Choosing a location that will be desirable to all is important However, it should be noted that the trip will be split 30/70 between interactive company sessions and free time to explore.

The journey needs to feel like a reward and not work. It is time for the employees to loosen up around each other. 

In summary

To have a successful incentive travel program for your employees, considerable planning needs to be put in place, and close attention to detail needs to be paid by the management.

An incentive travel program can be incredibly beneficial but requires the company’s proper implementation for it to work flawlessly and for the company to reap the benefits that will ensue.