Chiapas, the traditional Zoque cuisine

Get to know the traditional Chiapas Zoque cuisine in Copoya

Copoya is a delegation belonging to the municipality of Tuxtla Gutierrez, known mainly for its adobe, brick, or bajareque buildings, as well as tile roofs and wooden doors. Among the popular attractions is the visit to the “Glorioso Cristo de Chiapas”, the most venerated virgins of Mexico, and its beautiful murals. Although this changed when Suri Guzman and a group of women started cooking on weekends with the traditional pre-Hispanic recipes of the region. Therefore, today, almost 6 years later, the traditional Zoque cuisine is an unmissable stop when visiting the place..

History of cuisine in Chiapas

This women’s collective began in 2016, determined to rescue and promote traditional Zoque cuisine, now practically forgotten. They gathered information from grandmothers, aunts, and mothers, bringing to life a recipe book with the main dishes inherited by their ancestors. They have studied and have trained with courses and workshops, seeking constant improvement. Certainly, the collective has participated in events inside and outside the state of Chiapas. But it was at the V World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy in Mexico City when they won the award for Merit in Mexican Gastronomy, and the world began to set its eyes on their project.

Dressed in their traditional blouses, there are currently about 10 ladies involved in the project. Each one prepares 3 to 4 dishes, which are served amidst marimba music and a pleasant atmosphere. Indeed, something that makes the visit particularly interesting is the option to taste the dishes before ordering, so ask and come to the kitchen, the ladies will be happy to give you a bite of their dishes, and explain what the stew you are tasting consists of, sharing the culture of Chiapas and its cuisine is also their passion.


The most popular dish on their menu is Ninguijuti Pork. A traditional Zoque recipe prepared with pork, the cut must be “espinazo” to preserve its flavor. It is cooked with “Taseahual masa” of yellow corn, tomato, garlic, onion, and the “chile bolita”. Which is native to Copoya, it is also known as “chamborote.” The dish is considered “un molito de cerdo” which is usually accompanied with handmade tortillas and sometimes rice. This same dish is used to fill “tamalitos” another popular dish, during virgin celebrations.

Other dishes that you can taste in Copoya are:

  • “Puxaxé” “Tamal con hoja de milpa”,
  • “frijol con tasajo”,
  • “cachete con papita”, “
  • chipilín con bolita”,
  • “cochito horneado”,
  • “sopa de pan”
  • “caldo de res”, to mention a few, with more than 19 dishes.

Plus traditional drinks like “pozol de cacao”, “pozol blanco”, “tascalate” and of course, typical candies.

This place is located in Copoya, the address is 1a. Oriente and 3a. Norte, they work from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm.