How do incentive travel programs work?

sat mexico dmc how incentive travel work

For well over half a century, management has been implementing Incentive Travel Programs that work as a motivation strategy. 

There is always skepticism if incentive travel programs work for employees and questions on the best way to implement them. 

It should not be such a misunderstood program. However, there is no standard to follow when it comes to how incentive travel programs. 

The basic premise of how an incentive travel program is to create such a desirable price, a Dream Travel Program, that all employees will fight to achieve. 

Usually, the price of such a trip does not involve anything related to work. But it can include professional growth activities such as attending conferences as a rep for your company, annual retreats with the theme being “team-building,” or even attending a seminar in an exotic place. 

So how the Incentive Travel programs work?

There are many aspects involved. We tell you some of the most important ones so you can start to plan your next project. 

First, you have to think about the Scope. 

The Sope is directly related to the objectives of the company. If Objectives are high, the price should be outstanding. If the goals are pretty “unreachable,” the trip should be a once-in-a-lifetime journey. 

The first thing that will come to your mind will be to involve an Exotic Island or country. The truth is that it is a balance of everything; you can have a very desirable Incentive trip not so far from home, including components that will blast your participants’ minds. 

Communication of the program 

It is not what you say; it is the way you say it!

A memo is not enough. There should be some desire to achieve the goals. It is crucial to nurture the program with excellent communication. 

Some of our clients have involved us in the activities they use to communicate an incentive travel program. 

There are many forms like a Kick-off event, videos, internal communication, or announcing the price in conferences. We have even made a live video streaming from the Mexican Caribbean just to show what the possible participants what they could miss if they dont reach their goals 🙁

If your pears constantly know what the price is about and you make it desirable all the time, be sure it will work. 

Duration for an Incentive Travel Program

There are set periods that all companies must abide by for these incentive travel programs. Typically they will last anywhere from 3-7 days, focusing on team-building exercises, professional networking opportunities, and some free time for the individuals to explore the destination. 

It is an excellent opportunity for all staff members to relax, get to know the other team members better, and build strong working relationships. 

Getting to see more of your peers in a different light can create a much better working atmosphere. You get to loosen up around each other instead of being very formal in an office setting.

The Public

The getaway may be on offer to only a select group or department of a company or maybe all staff members depending on its size; it could also be offered to VIP clients and partners. Some companies may have other getaways between the various departments.

The Investment

Where does the funding come from? If not most or all, your company will probably cover each individual’s entire cost for the trip. Not in all cases will a company cover everything, but they will certainly cover a large portion of the price. 

Some incentive trips are exclusive to the company employees only, while some may allow spouses and children to come. 

Who will help you to plan the trip?

Usually, a company will hire an in-house or outsourced corporate Incentive Travel planner. They will be responsible for planning the logistics of the trip.

You will also find the term DMC when looking around; that term states for Destination Management Company

An Event or Meeting Planner can help you as well. Still, you have to be sure that they are very familiar with all the incredible possible activities in the destination. 

Improving employee morale

When was the last time you desire something so much? The same feeling is produced when an incentive travel program work.

First, you have a very strong desire for the price, then you feel recognition when everybody sees that you are the best and won the price. 

When you step into the airport, you feel the excitement and high expectations to finally live a unique experience in a new destination. 

This is just a tiny piece of how Incentive Travel does it impact your staff.  

The truth is that it is impossible to be constantly motivated; we need a little push to keep going. An Incentive travel program is a medium-long run that will push that productivity level and create a great atmosphere. 

Being valued and recognized for your hard work is great for confidence and trust within a company. 

So, it is beneficial for companies to implement an incentive travel program for their company.