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Heineken International Forum

Due to the fact that every participant came from different countries, a detailed logistic plan and a considerable amount of vehicles, drivers and coordinating staff were needed. Another issue was to combine this logistic plan with security requirements during the event (1 security staff at all arrivals & departures and 1 or 2 security staff in each transfer) without affecting transportation flexibility and efficiency. But due to the many years of experience of the in-house transportation company and the close cooperation of having different departments under one umbrella, all participants arrived on time.

SATmexico dmc events production mexico set up mexican party decoration heineken international forum
SATmexico dmc events production mexico set up big screens projection heineken international forum
  • Challenges

Protect logistic flexibility between multiple providers. Cooperation and communication were the key success factors of the entire event.

Faced demanding tasks arising from changes during the event.Thanks to SAT team professionalism and experience, all reschedule went like clock-work.

Find the perfect venues for social events, which respected Heineken security requirements in terms of transportation and were sufficiently versatile to accept Heineken branding communication. The majority of participants were impressed by those events which framed the forum and showed a creative mix between Mexican culture in its richest form and Heineken avant-garde communication and strategy.

  • Responsabilities
  • Transport provider and coordination during the entire event
  • Flight coordination: gathering of information about flight arrival and departure times.
  • hospitality coordination support
  • Coordinating staff during the entire event: hotel, airport, social event venues , security, medical, production, etc..
  • Airport meet & greet
  • Constant cooperation with security staff
  • Tour coordination: Providing information about and booking of city tours
  • Social events production
SATmexico dmc events production mexico rooftop hotel camino real set up heineken international forum
SATmexico dmc events production mexico set up heineken international forum
SATmexico dmc events production mexico bar set up heineken international forum
The event was a huge success and the SAT Team played a massive part in enabling us to deliver such a successful event for our client. The team was incredibly flexible and worked some incredible hours as part of our team. The whole Heineken team found SAT to be a great asset to our team and I know for sure we will not hesitate in using you guys for any future events in Mexico.” 
L.M, Logistic Manager, HEINEKEN FORUM