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Chiapas Water Route
Discover the wonders of the Chiapas Water Route! When talking about Chiapas, a region full of mountainous landscapes, exuberant fauna, and extensive and green jungles that are integrated into large waterways that give constant life to these well-guarded treasures comes...
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Guanajuato – Magical Towns
Embark on a captivating voyage through Guanajuato 's "Pueblos Mágicos" Magical Towns, where every corner whispers tales of yesteryears and every town dazzles with its own distinct flair. Comonfort Previously the place was known as San Francisco de Chamacuero; currently,...
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Guanajuato Great Events
WRC Rally Championship The World Rally Championship is one of the Guanajuato Great Events! As it is a speed automobile competition that takes place during the month of March. Where 24 timed sections are carried out on dirt roads that...
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Chiapas, Rambutan-Tacana Route
The Rambutan - Tacana tourist route was born as a tribute to two great icons of Chiapas in Mexico. with emphasis on the municipalities of Tuxtla Chico, Cacahoatan, and Unión Juárez, which is the rambutan and the Tacana volcano, without...
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Chiapas, Cheese Route in Mexico
The Cheese Route in Chiapas Mexico runs through farms and ranches located in the municipality of Ocosingo. Of course, in Chiapas, where it is possible to learn about the production process of the famous bola cheese and the unique Chiapas...
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Veracruz, The coffee route, scents that impregnate Coatepec
With dozens of coffee farms Veracruz will amaze you with this coffee route! Orchids that adorn their gardens, and coffee-colored roofs on multicolored houses, Coatepec is a magical corner nestled in the mountains of Veracruz that invites you to inhale...
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Guanajuato Heritage Cities
Heritage Cities in Guanajuato are those designated as such by UNESCO since they have a unique aesthetic beauty and for the contribution they make to the country's identity, at different times, such as the Viceroyalty, the cradle of Independence, modern...
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Roots of Veracruz: the Huasteca and Totonaca regions
A paradise is waiting among the valleys of northern Veracruz: Huasteca and Totonaca regions. A tour of the northern municipalities is an example of how the entity blends into all landscapes, all flavors, and aromas. Veracruz is a destination that...
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Celebrating 33 Remarkable Years of SAT Mexico: A Journey Through Time and Destinations
Exploring the possibilities of incentive travel in Mexico from the vibrant colors of the 1990s! When our journey began, to today, it's been 33 years of helping businesses worldwide unveil the magic of Mexico. Through these years, we at SAT...
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The Potters of Amatenango del Valle
Potter craftswomen of Chiapas in Amatenango del Valle preserve traditional techniques and knowledge, many of them dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Chiapas is one of the states that produce the greatest variety of handicrafts in Mexico, in shapes, textures, and...
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