Alberto Herrera

Roots of Veracruz: the Huasteca and Totonaca regions
A paradise is waiting among the valleys of northern Veracruz: Huasteca and Totonaca regions. A tour of the northern municipalities is an example of how the entity blends into all landscapes, all flavors, and aromas. Veracruz is a destination that...
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Celebrating 33 Remarkable Years of SAT Mexico: A Journey Through Time and Destinations
Exploring the possibilities of incentive travel in Mexico from the vibrant colors of the 1990s! When our journey began, to today, it's been 33 years of helping businesses worldwide unveil the magic of Mexico. Through these years, we at SAT...
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The Potters of Amatenango del Valle
Potter craftswomen of Chiapas in Amatenango del Valle preserve traditional techniques and knowledge, many of them dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Chiapas is one of the states that produce the greatest variety of handicrafts in Mexico, in shapes, textures, and...
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The Parachicos in the celebration Grande of Chiapas
The celebration Grande has multiple origins and is the result of a fusion of celebrations. The native towns of Chiapas had a religious celebration on these dates, in the XVI century the Spaniards turned it into a Catholic celebration. The...
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