Chiapas Water Route

Discover the wonders of the Chiapas Water Route! When talking about Chiapas, a region full of mountainous landscapes, exuberant fauna, and extensive and green jungles that are integrated into large waterways that give constant life to these well-guarded treasures comes to mind. Furthermore, precisely for those who are assiduous to adventures and disconnect from the city reality, there is a place that, without a doubt, will leave a pleasant experience marked for life. It is a place nestled in the exuberant jungle of Chiapas, in the municipality of Palenque.

As part of the Water Route in Chiapas, Huextoc Natzin is a tourist center, which was born as an informal community project in 2014, formed by a group of ejidatarios from the Reforma de Ocampo community, concerned with promoting Nature Tourism.

In addition to the great natural wealth of its surroundings and its landscapes, one of the main attractions of this place is the El Salto waterfall, formed by the Chocolja River, which forms natural jade-green pools in its path, where you can swim freely. To get to the foot of the impressive waterfall, it is necessary to follow a path of approximately 400 m, a path in which there are three viewpoints from where the visitor can appreciate the great variety of flora and fauna characteristic of the region.

El Salto

El Salto is a heavenly place in Chiapas, with high potential to develop as an adventure and ecotourism destination due to its location and accessibility. In the tourist center, you can do activities such as interpretive hiking, flora, and fauna observation, visit and descent in waterfalls, natural spas, kayaking, and rafting.

Currently, Huextoc Natzin has food services, a camping area, hammocks, and kayaks. Projecting itself in the medium term as a highly competitive tourist center for the promotion and conservation of natural resources. In addition to integrating the community in sustainability activities.

If you are a nature lover, this center is open 24 hours a day. From Monday to Sunday. To do this, contact your trusted travel agent in advance so you can schedule your next visit.

This natural wonder is 50 minutes from the city of Palenque. The best time to visit it is from November to May. It is considered the season when it rains the least! Also, for which the color of the water can be better appreciated.

It is important that on your next visit when preparing your suitcase. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit, sunscreen and repellent. Also, shoes with non-slip soles, a change of clothes in case you decide to go swimming! In addition to, of course, your camera to take the best souvenir of the place.