Chiapas, Rambutan-Tacana Route


The Rambutan – Tacana tourist route was born as a tribute to two great icons of Chiapas in Mexico. with emphasis on the municipalities of Tuxtla Chico, Cacahoatan, and Unión Juárez, which is the rambutan and the Tacana volcano, without underestimating coffee and cocoa, which are fundamental pillars of the economy of these three municipalities and of the state.

The strengths and attractions of this route are found in its consolidated and hard-working agricultural sector, in its extraordinary and indescribable natural beauties, such as the Tacana volcano, the highest peak in the state, and cultural, such as the archaeological site of Izapa, one of the oldest cities in Mesoamerica.

Throughout the 33 kilometers of this route in the Soconusco region, it is possible to live unique experiences since chocolate, rambutan, and coffee producers can publicize their products and teach their visitors the process they carry out.

Tuxtla Chico

Tuxtla Chico is a municipality located in the southern part of the state of Chiapas, just 15 minutes from Tapachula. It stands out for its world-renowned chocolate production. Among its attractions are the Parque del Chocolate and the archaeological zone of Izapa. One of the most important findings in this archaeological zone is stela number 5. Known as “the Stela of the Tree of Life.

It is a bas-relief sculpture about 2 meters high and weighing several tons. Which narrates in hieroglyphics how a supreme entity built the universe and its relationship with earth, air, fire, and water.

The name is Cacahoatan comes from Nahuatl and translates as “place of cocoa”. This is a privileged municipality in terms of natural beauty. Among its attractions are: La Sirena and Agua Caliente waterfalls and the Mariposas Alas de Agua tourist center.

Union Juarez is considered, due to its privileged climate and location, as the main destination for mountain tourism in Chiapas. In its surroundings there are old coffee farms, it also has various natural attractions such as Pico de Loro. Also, Muxbal waterfall, and the majestic Tacana volcano with more than 4000 meters above sea level.