Chiapas, Cheese Route in Mexico


The Cheese Route in Chiapas Mexico runs through farms and ranches located in the municipality of Ocosingo. Of course, in Chiapas, where it is possible to learn about the production process of the famous bola cheese and the unique Chiapas cheese. The route invites you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of cheese production in the region. It combines nature and archaeology since it also takes us to discover the different tourist centers of the municipality and its majestic archaeological zones.

Bola cheese is one of the most representative edible products of the region and has become one of the main ingredients of Chiapas cuisine. This cheese is in the category of highly aged artisan cheeses. Its main feature is that it comes wrapped in two layers of skim and fat-free cheese that is 100 percent edible. Although the recommendation is to not consume the first layer due to the way its crafters had handled it, since it is like its wrapper. with the second layer it is possible to prepare a delicious grilled cheese when placed on the griddle. The internal part of the cheese is soft and double cream, suitable for the most demanding palates.

More About The Route

It combines gastronomy with a visit to the Naha, Metzabok, and Campamentos Lacandones tourist centers, as well as impressive natural attractions such as the Las Golondrinas waterfall, the Sibal lagoon and, of course, the Lacandona Jungle.

To close with a flourish, this route integrates archeology in Bonampak, Yaxchilan, and especially Tonina, which is located just 12 kilometers from Ocosingo and has its site museum. Tonina is the place to discover one of the most important pre-Hispanic acropolises in Mexico: 260 steps on the central stairway that cross seven platforms and 13 temples to reach the top of a pyramid 74 meters high, taller than the Sun in Teotihuacán.

The best thing about this route is that there is no seasonality to visit it since cheese production is continuous, but yes, it is important to book in advance with your trusted travel agent to schedule the visit.