Veracruz, The coffee route, scents that impregnate Coatepec

With dozens of coffee farms Veracruz will amaze you with this coffee route! Orchids that adorn their gardens, and coffee-colored roofs on multicolored houses, Coatepec is a magical corner nestled in the mountains of Veracruz that invites you to inhale and exhale coffee.

The smell of the aromatic fills the streets and downtown establishments of this magical town, while its strong hazelnut flavor covers the most demanding palates of visitors and locals.

It is one of the regions of Veracruz and the most important country in the production of coffee. And you can learn about the entire process from planting, cutting, roasting, and grinding the grain until it is served in the cup through tours and routes for tourists.

The route begins with the Coffee Museum of Cafe-tal, which is a small sample of the history of planting, processing, selling, and exporting the grain carried out within Veracruz. It is a picturesque tour of a coffee farm where you can see old devices from how coffee was processed in the past.

Among the historical sites of Coatepec is the Finca Roma, a space where the Bola de Oro Museum is located, where an old wet mill is still installed. A gigantic machinery converts the cherry and separates it from its meat to only leave the grain that will later be turned into a cup of coffee. This museum also analyzes the importance of the railway in its export process.

Haciendas in Veracruz Coffee Route

Another spectacle for the traveler is the tour of the Coatepecana Haciendas. The former Hacienda de la Orduña, which since the 18th century was dedicated to planting sugar cane and later to coffee and citrus. Now it is a cultural center with a lithography space. Another example is the former Zimpizahua Hacienda with a coffee vocation and today converted into a hotel and restaurant.

Going to the Hacienda el Trianon is taking a journey back in time. As it keeps all its furniture in excellent condition and wrought iron works of art are presented.

These attractions are all just 20 or 25 minutes from the historic center of Coatepec. The small city is characterized by its high-altitude coffee, its colonial-style houses, and buildings with large gardens inside. And its churches such as San Jerónimo located in front of the main park.

Located 20 minutes from the capital of Veracruz, Coatepec has several hotels. Some of them Boutique, as well as traditional restaurants, cafeterias, ice cream parlors, and organic markets.

The colonial town has a coffee museum and an orchid museum. Here the natural and historical wealth of the place is displayed. It also has a beautiful viewpoint located on the Cerro de las Culebras. In there you can see the heart of Coatepec.

Amazing Flavors and Scents!

The flavors of the fruits, drinks, and food that are produced in the area also make Coatepec special. Such as the passion fruit that can be found in ice creams and jams. Or the wood-fired bread that accompanies a good cup of coffee.

Coatepec is also a home for artists and a born promoter of the jarocho culture. The House of the Harp has been located here for some years. Where the youngest are taught to play the instrument. And an international meeting with renowned musicians is held every year.

If you like gourmet coffee, hacienda architecture, natural beauty, and culture, you can follow this route.