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Product launch Porsche Cayenne

  • Client
  • Porsche
  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Services
  • Product launch & International Forum
  • Venue
  • Baja California, Hotel Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Exclusive Allotment.


Pitch – To convince Porsche that Mexico was the best option to introduce their product.


Biggest Airplane

2 times the biggest plane on earth “The Antonov” full with Porsche Cayennes, 120 in total.


Rancho Cayenne

To build the Rancho Cayenne in the Baja desert. Imagine one small town made out of wood in the middle of the desert, with modern exposition capacities to perform the best product launch.


The Hacienda Cayenne

More than 300 staff made a success of the breakfast, meals, brunches, parties, diners, rooms, amenities, music, news letters to the rooms before sunrise, coffee breaks, production, raw material, safety, entertainment, hospitality desk, etc..


150 Cars

Unload the Cars from the Antonov… they were always available, clean and full of fuel so the experts could drive them whenever they want it. Drivers, testing, rallies and upload them to the Antonov to ship them back home -Stuttgart.


Baja California Mexico, proved to be the best location to develop the introduction of the New Porsche Cayenne, due to its easy communication/ transport infrastructure and Hotel amenities. Food Drinks and amenities took place at the “Hacienda Cayenne” (Hotel), while the presentation / meetings / workshops were housed in the “Rancho Cayenne

  • Hotel sourcing, negotiating and contracting
  • Project Managing and total logistical Management
  • Total budget management
  • Destination proposal
  • Charters flights
  • Registration and telemarketing
  • Hospitality desk
  • Temporally imports (Cars, Textile, promotional giveaways, etc)
  • Governmental permits, licensees and partnership.
  • Catering (Breakfast, Brunch, dinner, parties, coffee breaks, etc.)
  • Production, Photo, Video, Audio and news letters
  • Charter the Aircraft Antonov (x2) to import temporally 120 Cars
  • Rally in the Baja desert
  • Construction: Race track and Rancho Cayenne
  • Race drivers, Mechanics & Carwash
  • Theme parties
  • 300 staff
  • Entertainment: Hostess, Mariachis, Trios, Actors, Dancers, Horses, Podiums, Cantinas, etc..
making the dreams come true
Capable to integrate all the activities to create the best event / congress / meeting Competitive proposal 100% satisfaction and positive feedback from guests. The event was a unique experience.