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CAMEL Incentive Trip

The event was an extraordinary trip for participants and clients because SAT Mexico was capable of integrating all activities, venues and providers in the most professional and creative way, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. A complete comprehension of the client’s needs helped to achieve the brand objectives.

  • Responsabilities
  • Hiring and briefing of guides in accordance with the urban event style
  • Contracting all venues and staff, including renting a museum for the wrap party
  • Assure customized Camel Branding throughout the event
  • Airport meet & greet
  • Location scouting to find places in accordance with the urban event style
  • Hotel sourcing, negotiation and contracting
  • Contracting and coordinating 18 traditional Volkswagen beetle cars for a unique transfer to Xochimilco.
  • Provide coordination before and during the event, including various inspection visits
  • Creating an unforgettable urban program within the client’s budget, including the themes Access Photography, Access Music, Urban Access, Access Art & Design and considering Camel branding and merchandise.
  • Managing import of merchandise from UK and China
  • Providing customized Camel-branded merchandise items, including personalized arches for Xochimilco boats among others.
  • Coordinate and execute daily room drops of exclusive gifts for the winners
  • Coordinate staff: hotel, security, waiters, event venues, production, drivers, external guides, VIP assistance.
  • Chalenges
  • Creating the best creative proposal to offer an extraordinary and exclusive urban insight to Mexico City and build an exciting program, taking into account the themes and goals set by the client
  • Combining the different work cultures of Mexico and the UK into a successful project with neither delays nor quality compromises.
  • Creating an innovative program to satisfy different interest groups (various nationalities, interests and age groups) and make the event unforgettable for everybody.
  • Exceed the client’s expectations by professionally handling the whole event with all customized details and special requests.
  • To meet its new business development and growth goals, the company needed to strengthen its sales process.
making the dreams come true
CAMEL Incentive Trip. The first Luxury brand in Mexico setting a facility to build luxury cars in Mexico.