Aeromar – connecting destinations, aircraft routes


AEROMAR’s aircraft routes connects through three routes more tourists interested in Mexican destinations. they commitment and the hand of Merida, the white city and host of Cochinita Pibil make possible these excellent service.

These routes are: 

  • ·Merida-Chetumal with 6 frequencies (Starting on August 21, 2022)
  • Starting on August 21, 2022)
  • Merida-Cozumel with 4 frequencies 
  • Merida-Havana with 4 frequencies ( Starting on August 22nd, 2022)

The routes will operate with weekly frequencies on ATR 72-600 aircraft, which has a capacity for 72 passengers. Moreover, fulfilling the brand promise of baggage delivery and check-in at counters in less than 15 minutes.

Therefore, to protect the health and well-being of its customers, Aeromar continues to implement safety protocols. That is to say they include the mandatory use of masks mainly. As well as the sanitization of common areas, filters, antibacterial gel dispensers and respecting a healthy distance.


They are more modern and quieter aircraft that will support the airline’s transformation and represent an excellent decision regarding the profitability of short-haul routes. 

Indeed, the experience of traveling in an AEROMAR aircraft will be unforgettable, making it possible for passengers to enjoy the comfort and confidence during their trip in ATR 600 series aircraft, the most modern fleet in Mexico, which are environmentally friendly because they optimize the use of fuel by reducing fuel consumption 40%, which is equivalent to a saving of up to 5 thousand tons of CO2 per year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to travel on this airline and experience the new routes.